Monday, January 22, 2007

Vault closing?

I've recently heard rumours that they're gonna shut down the legendary underground club (which is an actual bomb shelter, complete with a door that could withstand a nuclear attack) Vault in Vilnius, Lithuania. If it's true then it's truly a sad moment and an end of an era for Lithuanian underground music. Hopefully these arejust rumours and hey, then all the more reason to go to the OffKey event @ Vault on the 2nd of February.
Anyways, here are a few memories from Vault...

In case of a nuclear attack:

Vault's owner (and one of the nicest promotors ever) Mantas, droppin' gabber/noise/breakcore @ about 6AM (oh, the good old times...)

and last but not least, a clip from the Fallen Heroes East Block Tour from 2005, Submerged + myself B2B on the decs

Counterstrike [Capetown, SA] European Tour

From the Ohm Resistance family, Justin from Counterstrike is touring Europe again in February, last available date is Feb 16, anyone in the area wanting to book him, contact Confirmed dates are:

Feb 2nd - Renegade Hardware London UK
Feb 3rd - Hamburg Germany
Feb 9th - Lviv Ukraine
Feb 10th - Therapy Vienna Austria
Feb 16th - Available
Feb 17th - Rostock Germany


Counterstrike has played an instrumental role in putting South Africa on the world drum 'n bass map. Justin Scholtemeyer AKA Animal Chin and Eaton Crous AKA 500 Mills, have been active drum 'n bass DJ's on the club/rave circuit since the mid Nineties. Counterstrike has been producing drum 'n bass as a collective since 1998. "We work together because we are into the same type of sound... it does not matter if we did a track together or seperately... it still sounds like Counterstrike."

Axis + Trank - Blood Money / Nothing Remains [Algorythm Recordings forthcoming]

Soon out on promo, from South-Africa's Algorythm Recordings is a 12" from Axis + Trank - Blood Money / Nothing Remains that has been causing quite a ruckus. Check out Algorythm's myspace for audio.

The Kill Tour - Bong-Ra [NL] + Enduser [USA]

and now for something different...Bong-Ra from Holland + Enduser from Brooklyn, NYC will perform @ Kinomaja on the 27th of December to promote their The Kill EP so if you're interested of the harder side of breakbeats and in the area, this is not an event to be missed!


Bong-Ra's trademark 'jungle rock' style has been moulded over the past 7 to 8 years to become a recognizable and addictive sound. Although his compostions and tracks may vary there's always an adrenaline rush of some sort buzzing around. Mostly recognized for his part in the 'Yardcore' or 'Raggacore' sub genre, his tracks differ significantly and crossover ranges of styles which have played a part in his musical development, leaving an open mind when it come to sound and structure. Most important is the energy and mood of each track produced, and the vibe surrounding it.


Lynn Standafer is the unassuming, mild-mannered alter-ego of the one-man sonic wrecking crew known as Enduser. Born as the bastard son of KRS-One, Skinny Puppy, and Photek, and raised on a steady diet of hip-hop and early jungle records, Enduser smashes through genre walls with alternating punches of industrial strength drum and bass and hip-hop flavored breakcore. Since 1994, Enduser has been shredding through genre tags more quickly than they can be coined to describe his unique approach to the twisted world of hardcore broken beat music. Regardless of the labels on the dividers in record bins around the world, Enduser's music will always be defined by its use of complex drum programming and darkly distorted atmospheres to create a sense of frenzied unease. Take the viscera of a Romero film and the brooding of a Clive Barker novel and then splatter it against a landscape of urban decay at 200 miles per hour and you begin to get the feeling of an Enduser record where moments of calm ambience set up the vicious assaults of rhythm and noise. Enduser's is not music for the mindless rave zombie, and it is not for the faint of heart as it tears away at preconceptions about break-beat driven music while utilizing the best tricks of that well-tested tradition to excite and entertain.

Friday, January 19, 2007

BTK [Identity] Europe + UK Tour 2007

alright boys & girls, get your pencils out, BTK from Identity is doing his debute Europe tour in March/April, the confirmed dates are:

30/03 Above the Game - Renegade Hardware Album Launch @ Porto, Portugal
31/03 Above the Game - Renegade Hardware Album Launch @ Lisboa, Portugal
06/04 Above the Game - Renegade Hardware Album Launch @ The End, UK
08/04 CembranKeller @ Linz, Austria
13/04 Sussenfenalp @ Budapest, Hungria
14/04 ??? @ Serbia TBC
21/04 Cube @ Croatia
15/05 ??? @ Czech Rep. TBC

rest of the dates are fair game, for bookings in the Baltics and for a full presskit, contact me ->
AIM: coremantis

Hailing from Brazil, BTK is proving to be one of the most exciting new producers to emerge in the d&b scene and has already built an impressive back catalouge of productions to date, drawing and combining influences as diverse and leftfield as Cidinho & Doca, Jeff Mills, WJ Henze, Dave Clarke, Christian Varela, Underground Resistance, Chris Liebing, Poogie Bear, Mark V, DJ Rip, DJ BamBam, BBking, Nirvana & Metalica as well as grass roots d&b artists such as Cause 4 Concern, Ed Rush & Optical & Bad Company. never one to be tied to one style, BTK has proved his ability to switch between genres with ease as evident in his techno projects and other innovative productions his determination to smash down the boundries that have long been seprating underground music styles grows with every track that he creates.
A pivotal member of the d&b collective 'Identity' a collective of producers spread out over Puerto Rico, Brazil and USA each bringing their own talents and fresh sounds to drum&bass. They have taken the steps needed to learn to follow vibes and ideas through an online merging of their home studios. In a lot of respects the Identity sound is truly a yearning for the merging of the dance floor vibe so prevalent in current drum&bass and a twisted mix of techno styles. Brain Dead which has been recently released on Renegade Hardware's sister label Barcode is one of the crews most successful releases to date. The crew also have tunes signed with Freak, Salvage, Ohm Resistance, Darkitek, Flatline, ELP Collective, Sinuous, Venom Inc, Guerilla n many more. Receiving heavy support from the scenes top artists & Djs such as :- Stu C4C, John B, Raiden, Audio, Nightbreed, Masheen, NC-17, Submerged, Lethal and Khanage, C.A.B.L.E., S.P.Y, Ben XO, Prode, Propaganda, Pendulum, The Sect, Kano, Temper D, Donny, Quadrant, Tetradin, Evol Intent, Ewun, Spor, Infiltrata, Skitty, CorruptSouls, Paul B, Pyro, Sunchase, Counterstrike, Glitch, Jae Kennedy, The Upbeats, Gein, and many many more.
Expect at lot more material to surface as the collective continue to hold their own style in the scene. UK & Europe live apperances are in the pipeline and is the next logical step in their bid for worldwide infiltration.
Taking it to the next level, BTK has launched GRIND RECORDINGS, a new d&b label with a focus on the dancefloor and featuring artists from Brazil and around the world. GRIND has already enlisted the talents of some of d&b's hottest producers including C.A.B.L.E, SPY, Commix, Masheen, NC-17, Tetradin & much more. GRIND RECORDINGS is receiving heavy support all over the world by Loxy, Perpetuum, Fission, Friske, Genr8 (Alliance) and is becoming recognised as one of the world's heavy hitters. Stay tuned to hear more of what one of the world's freshest and most solid new d&b labels has to come.
Tune into the PARANOIA Drum & Bass show every Tuesday 5pm - 7pm [CST] with BTK + Guests Live on Bassdrive

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Obliterati 004 [Everything You Feel is Laced with Fucking Lies]

Also, the new LP from Ohm Resistance's second label, Obliterati is in stores now!

A) Temulent – I am the Devil
B1) Lethal and Khanage vs. Submerged – Cannibal Holocaust
B2) Enduser – End of the World
C) Lethal and Khanage – Rise of the Beast
D1) Submerged vs. Silent Killer vs. Enduser – No Real
D2) Submerged and Breaker – Four Minutes Hate

After the OBLITERATI YOUTH MINISTRY'S "Satisfaction of Giving Up" EP, Obliterati drops a new fearsome ep filled with truth, reality and gut wrenching pain. TEMULENT opens up with satanic fueled "I AM THE DEVIL", slaying you with cored out amens and seriously unbelievable chops. The "CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST" provided by LETHAL & KHANAGE VS SUBMERGED adds more smashing to the table than most people will be able to stomach. Anthemous vibes are created on "RISE OF THE BEAST" also produced by londons killer duo. The ep features more pieces and collaborations by SILENT KILLER, ENDUSER, SUBMERGED and BREAKER...

check Obliterati's Myspace for clips

Resist Records First Release (RSIS 01)

First release under Ohm Resistance's little sister (dubstep label), should be out in stores now, grab it while its hot!

Venez ft. Kondo - Hot Bitches
Venez ft. Dr.Israel - Pankration Fat Dub

The third label in the Ohm Resistance Group - RESIST RECORDS was formed as an outlet for dubstep and slower tempo music. Full circle back to the original Collision Substance we go...

Featured artists so far include the VENEZ, comprised of Zandor,"The Haitian Sensation", and " The Pakistani Chiller". Other artists include South Birmginham's SCORN and London's LETHAL. More onboard as we roll to the future.

Also check Resist's Myspace for Resist 002 audio!

OffKey Chronicles

I'm very proud to announce my thesis project at the Baltic Film and Media School @ Tallinn University, named OffKey Chronicles (working title), which, as you might have guessed is a documentary about OffKey Recordings and the talented artists surrounding it. Details are discussed at the moment and the shooting will start at the beginning of February. I'll keep posting the details as this thing unravels.

ezz, oh and OffKey or STFU!!!

Therapy Sessions Estonia [13.jan.07]

The second installment of Therapy Sessions came and went, personally stayed home for a quiet saturday chillout but from what I've heard, Technical Itch and Limewax didn't dissapoint, here are some photos from the gig

Again, who are these people? I swear, there are like 3 people that I recognized, who the fuck are these new kids?:P

The Panacea - GarageM studio mix (January 2007)

a new mix by the bear of Berlin, The Panacea!


The Panacea - Tanz der toten raver (intro)
The Sect - Keeping everybody afraid (offkey)
Raiden - Sean paul must die (offkey)
Propaganda - Blu-82 (offkey)
The Sect - Hologram (freak)
Limewax - The attack (freak)
Spl - Fist (habit)
Amex & Kaiza - Jin beam (tilt)
Propaganda - Nobody listens to techno (position chrome)
Limewax - Demolished (??)
Lethal & Khanage - Tribal mecha (street beats)
The Sect - Syndrome (position chrome)
Spl - Fade (position chrome)
Raiden - I hate you motherfuckers (the panacea VIP) (not on label)
Audio & The Panacea - Designed for war (freak)
Amit & Klute - Suicide bomber (commercial suicide)
Spl - Untitled (soul container) (habit)
Plus System - This is how we do it (scott brown rmx) (evolute)
Raiden & The Sect - Cesium 137 (offkey)
The Panacea - Cryptonomicon (position chrome)
Raiden & Prode - Skafandr (offkey)
The Panacea - Motion sickness (spl remix) (position chrome)
Current Value - Unpardonable deeds (lost soul)


Submerged interview

And now a short interview with none other than Submerged, who talks of the new Method of Defiance: Inamorata project, as well as giving us news about other developments including whats forthcoming on Ohm Resistance in 2007

Hows life been treating you lately?

Um, it's been a pretty heavy schedule, with a grueling monthlong tour in Russia, transitioning into doing full time work at Nu Urban's US office instead of just general overseeing, and bringing out Inamorata. And the usual personal stuff, like getting a car, getting my finances together to buy a home, and having a steady relationship again.

haha, can't imagine you driving a car...ever:)

You've always got more than enough projects in the works, what are you up to these days?

Right now I am finishing my first album ever (been long enough) for Sublight Records, the same label that put out the first Method of Defiance record. I'm about to take over for Rick at the Nu Urban US office. And also getting my release schedule in order for 2007.

You've been touring around some pretty weird places last year, what were the highlights of being on the road in 2006?

MEXICO CITY!!! Loved it! I was in so many countries last year to play - surprise appearance in Estonia, then in Italy, Ukraine, Mexico, Russia...I also did my first US tour in a while with the Submerged Live PA. It's been a great year for my DJ and music career, if a shit year overall personally.

Method of Defiance: Inamorata has been causing quite a ruckus lately. It's an ambiguos project that combined dnb artists with musicians and it's now finished (in the stores in March). Who came up with this concept and are you satisfied with the end result?

This concept has been a dream of Brasilian wunderkind Robert Soares for many years, and he worked with Bill Laswell and myself to realise it. I absolutely love the end result, and think it is not only quite historic, will cause controversy and be talked about for years, but it's a great listen.

Were there any surprises or some funny incidents during the recording/production stages?

Honestly, nothing more than the usual.

Who did you most like to work with on this project?
Bill Laswell, as usual, as working usually involves going to a bar afterward.

Reading the feedback, not everyone seems to be sold on Inamorata after hearing the clips, what do you make of that?

It's quite expected! I would be unhappy if everyone loved it - advanced music should always cause discomfort and have people feeling uncertain at the time of it's creation. A lot of my favourite music I really disliked upon first listen, because it was challenging. Many people want to hear only what they have the expectation of, and this really pushed the limits.

You are now a co-owner of Nu Urban Music (one of the largest worldwide dnb distributors), handling distribution for various labels in the states, hows that working out for you?

Well, in the last year I was much less involved in the day to day business aspect. This year I am starting to work full time in addition to my music career, so it's a huge workload for me, which is what I needed actually. To write creative and good music you need life experiences to write about, and working for Nu Urban involves a lot of interaction with different people. It also is almost a forced tolerance and that's a really good thing for me - I must to all types of drum n bass and understand what perspectives it comes from, and that is nothing but good for my own music.

And if that doesn't fill your day, you've now got a third record label, Resist Records. What drove you to forming a dubstep label?

Well you know me, I've been making slow music for years before it got a name! Now that it's called dubstep, and is marketable, I was quite happy and inspired to make even more slow music, and it's inspiring and rewarding for me.

Whats in the pipeline for the other two labels, Ohm Resistance and Obliterati in 2007?

Ohm Resistance as I'm sure everyone will be happy to hear, is restarting the OHMWRECKERS series on 12" - this series was our most critically acclaimed in the label's history, and I believe the new direction our sound has taken - STREET MUSIC - is what needed to happen to redefine our sound and take our punk attitude back into the forefront of the label.

Anything else you would like to add

On top of all this, I've started working on an ambitious film project called "]NOWHERE[" about a soul destroying car ride from Orenburg to Chelyabinsk in Russia. It will be a massive undertaking that I will work on in evenings for distraction from music, and will hopefully shoot next winter.

Method of Defiance: Inamorata

dark, hypnotic recording with historic musicans
vs. cutting edge drum & bass artists from the
U.K., Europe and the U.S. The drum breaks were
collected raw and guided to be heavyweight/
down to earth, unmixed, and played over to
musicans who added virtuosic instrumentation
"live on the spot" in interaction with the dynamics
of the breakbeats. It was later arranged, produced,
and mastered in NYC.


1) Ta�wil - Submerged (breaks/OHM Resistance/U.S.), Pharoah Sanders
(Alto Saxophone/John Coltrane quartet), Bill Laswell (Bass).

2) Humanoid - Paradox (breaks/Reinforced Recordings/Paradox
Music/UK), Toshinori Kondo (trumpet), Buckethead (guitars),
Bernie Worrell (keyboards/Parliament Funkadelic),
Bill Laswell (bass).

3) Hidden Killer - Black Sun Empire (breaks/DSCI4 Recordings/BSE
Recordings/Holland), Graham Haynes (trumpet), Pete Cosey (guitars/Miles Davis), Bill Laswell (bass).

4) Amenta: D-star (breaks/Metalheadz/UK), Byard Lancaster (alto
saxophone/John Coltrane/Roland Kirk), Pete Cosey (guitars/Miles Davis), Bill Laswell (bass).

5) Panepha - Paradox (breaks/Reinforced Recordings/Paradox music/UK), Herbie Hancock (keyboards/Miles Davis/Headhunters), Bill Laswell

6) Babylon Decoder - Amit (breaks/Commercial Suicide
Records/Metalheadz/UK), Toshinori Kondo (trumpet),
Buckethead (guitars), Bill Laswell (bass).

7) Aibi-Virus: SPL (breaks/Tech Itch Recordings/Freak
Recordings/U.S.), Masada String Trio (violins), John Zorn
(alto saxophone), Bill Laswell (bass).

8) Anti-Jazz Glitch: Outrage (breaks/Metalheadz/UK),
Craig Taborn (keyboards/machines/Carl Craig/Detroit Techno), Bill Laswell (bass).

9) Black Water - Fanu (breaks/Subtitles/Vibez UK/Scandinavia), Graham Haynes (trumpet),
Byard Lancaster (Alto Saxophone/John Coltrane/
Roland Kirk), Bill Laswell (bass).

10) Pattern Engine - Evol Intent (breaks/Renegade Hardware/U.S.), Dave Liebman (Alto saxophone/Miles davis), Bill Laswell (bass).

11) Aether - Karsh Kale (drums/tabla), Nil Peter Molvaer
(trumpet/Universal Music/ECM), Bill Laswell (bass).

12) Remains - Corrupt Souls (breaks+vortex/Moving shadow/BSE recordings), Bill Laswell (bass).

Produced by Bill Laswell
Conceived by Robert Soares (atmpc) and Bill Laswell
Realization: Submerged (OHM Resistance) and Sanctuary Records
A Tacitur/Sony Red/OHM Resistance/Nu-Urban project
Street Date: March 6, 2007
Formats: picture disc sampler, 3X12" vinyl, full length cd

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Offkey Night in Tallinn/Vilnius

Im proud to announce the first ever official Offkey Night in Tallinn on the 3rd of february (Vilnius on the 2nd), this has been in the works for quite some time and its the first chance to see this many OffKey artists in one place.

INFO About the Artists

Raiden and The Panacea:

For the first time together you can see Raiden and The Panacea playing a different kind of show. You are probably expecting the usual B2B DJ session but after bouncing ideas off eachother and wanting to come up with something new, they like to work it as a LIVE show but DJ'n. May sound like a strange concept but you have to witness this to believe it.
Raiden and The Panacea's music is being heavily supported by many of the scenes top DJ's. Both have current releases on their signature labels (Offkey Recordings & Position Chrome).

here's a video clip of Raiden B2B Panacea for a preview of what to expect...

and just for the hell of it, here's one of Panacea finishing his set @ Therapy

The Sect:

Initially meeting through mutual friends in the late 1990s, Blade and Virtua have been producing Drum & Bass together ever since. Long-time friend and DJ partner Method joined soon after, completing the trio and The Sect was born. Hooking up with Raiden and Propaganda whilst living in Southampton, they all share the same love of driving, underground drum and bass, especially the breaks, techno and futuristic soundscapes that embody the Offkey sound. Although as individuals they have had various releases across a number of different genres (currently Virtua is enjoying success as one half of burgeoning Breakbeat duo Digital Breaks Foundation), together they are committed to pushing the technoid Drum & Bass sound and are excited to join the Offkey family.With a whole host of new tracks ready to drop, watch out for more from The Sect very soon...

The KGB of dnb. They create menacing, industrial dnb that has echoes of Russian factories. These guys are completely insane, but certified geniuses at approximately 20 years old, which is even more amazing considering their staggering Vodka consumption. Prode are about to revolutionise the dnb scene as we know it, and Offkey is their natural home.
Prokets favorite cartoon is Nu Pogodi.

Justin Jackman aka Glitch Switch:
Glitch Switch is a Certified Genius, his skills are second to none that can not be missed.
He creates a vast, genre-crossing, bank of music, ranging form techno to breakbeat to experimental to ambient. Using analogue, digital, hardware and software equipment with live shows around Europe.

D.A.R.Y.L aka DSL

DSL enjoys rocking the joint with his spiffy 3-deck action, a seamless blend of jacking, rolling, funking, soaring beats. Along with cohort Simon Heartfield, he is the brains behind top UK Techno night Phase 2.

The Sect @ 4ntagonism Show Live on Twisted Frequency Radio (12-29-2006)

an absolutely disgusting set by The Sect, id advise everybody to check it out asap!


01. Proket - Locomotive (Sinuous dub)
02. The Panacea - Motion Sickness (SPL remix) (Position Chrome dub)
03. The Sect - Kill all Humans (Offkey)
04. The Sect - Keep Everyone Afraid (Offkey dub)
05. Raiden & Proket - b4 (Offkey mp3 dub)
06. Raiden & The Sect - Caesium 137 (Skates & Scummers mix) (Offkey
07. Propaganda - Blu-82 (dub)
08. Raiden - Sean Paul Must Die (dub)
09. The Sect - Nerve Attack (Offkey)
10. The Sect - Syndrome (Position Chrome dub)
11. The Sect, Axis & Trank - Victim (Habit dub)
12. Kemal & Rob Data - The Encrypter (DSCI4)
13. Black Sun Empire - The Cooler (Audio remix) (BSE dub)
14. Raiden & Proket - Skafandr (Offkey dub)
15. The Sect - Axon (Obscene)
16. Propaganda - Drama (dub)
17. SPL - Fist (Habit)
18. Raiden - 1986 (Offkey dub)
19. The Sect - Tyrant (Position Chrome dub)

Links Here + Here

Propaganda - Nobody Listens to Techno / Windmill + Keys (Position Chrome)

Word on the street is, the next release on the legendary record label Position Chrome (PC064) by Propaganda should hit the stores in early february. I for one cant wait because Nobody Listens to Techno has got to be, in my humble opinion, one of the most clever bits of technodnb of 2006, the layering of the elements simply can't be paired with anyone but Propaganda. Congrats to them for getting on this legendary label and congrats to Panacea for getting this unique piece of music on his label.
The clips: Propaganda - Nobody Listens to Techno / Windmill + Keys

More info on Propaganda here

Following this release on Position Chrome, its non other than The Sect - Tyrant (also one of the most disgustingly raw tracks of last year, my personal favourite from them) / Syndrome

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!!!

Well, not much to say...the title should be pretty self explanatory, bring on 2007! My new years resolution is that I'll post 2 new studio mixes in the next week or so and bring you a few exclusive interviews.

Atmosphere 12 (X-Mas Special) @ Viimsi Talveaed

Well, when regular people stay at home with their families what do people like us do? Of course, go to a massive party with sweaty people bumping into you at every step. First off, I've always loved the venue so it was awesome to play under the palmtrees again and all. Now for some of the headliners was Nici Belucci who as rumours had it (as well as the obvious photo on the flyer) was supposed to play half naked. And at this point Id like to state that I'm completely cool with this, cos hey, if u can't mix, u gotta have a angle and who am I to judge...when we went to check her out, she had these little nipple whatever thingies to cover her valuables up so there seemed to be many sad faced gents in the front row. But enough of that, some played good music, some seemed cheesy...the usual.
I closed the party down (4:30-6:00) and the good news was that the place was still going off like a mf:) mental note to self -> always arrange some sort of transportation out of that place in front, its like 20 clicks outside of town and when u try to leave at 6:00 with the rest of the 1.500 people then let me tell you, its a bitch to get a taxi:)
anyways, nothing but good memories except for the regular weirdness with drugged out people. Oh yea, and we recognized maybe 10% of the people...Its really getting strange as I mentioned in another post.
A video of the mayhem...notice that around 2:06 mark (not that its visible in any way or form) its me droppin The Sect - Axon so u might get an idea of the vibe around 5AM:)

Kain - randomstudiomix

Due to some requests I have re-upload my mix from september. Can't be bothered to make a new one right now but hopefully over the holidays when I finally have some free time...


01:: Counterstrike - Timewarp :: Algorythm
02:: SPL - Roughneck :: Algorythm forthcoming
03:: Amex + Kaiza - Schlontz (Der General) :: T-Free
04:: Raiden + Corrupt Souls - Sage + Sour :: Freak
05:: Phace - Lost :: Renegade Hardware
06:: Propaganda - Axis + Allies :: Offkey
07:: Black Sun Empire feat. Illy MC - Mindset :: Renegade Hardware
<< Propaganda - The Real :: OffKey
08:: Lethal, Khanage + Submerged - Place of Dead Roads :: unsigned
09:: Spor - Ignition :: Renegade Hardware
12:: Culture - Bloodshed :: unsigned
10:: Evol Intent feat. Blip - Flipside :: Renegade Hardware
11:: Black Sun Empire + Corrupt Souls - Everything :: Black Sun Empire
13:: Counterstrike - The Power to Distort :: Prospect
14:: The Sect - In the Shadows [Sunchase rmx] :: unsigned
15:: Pyro + Jesta feat. Techtronix - Cho :: Nerve
16:: Infiltrata + Demo - Us Against the World :: Barcode
17:: Raiden - Pizdets :: Position Chrome
18:: Aqua-tek + Sol.ID - Ion Hammer :: unsigned
19:: Raiden + The Sect - Cesium 137 :: Offkey forthcoming
20:: Schixzometics - Close Call VIP :: unsigned
21:: Lethal + Khanage - Murkage :: Offkey forthcoming
22:: Identity - Desecreted Souls VIP :: unsigned
23:: Raiden + Propaganda - Machine Soul :: Offkey
24:: Identity + Proket - Shetech :: unsigned
25:: Raiden - Chernobyl 4 :: OffKey
26:: Corrupt Souls - Symptom :: Ohm Resistance
27:: Usual Suspects - Sceptic :: Renegade Hardware
28:: SPL - The Assailant :: Freak
29:: Default - Optic VIP :: Replicant Audio
30:: Identity - Home of the Sick :: unsigned
31:: Prode - Sun Influences :: Revolution
32:: Vector Burn - No Future :: Replicant Audio

99:21 @ 128


A new breed of ravers?

A discussion over the weekend with some friends brought out the fact that the people going to the drum'n'bass parties here have changed almost completely over the past year and a half or so. There seems to be a whole new generation of party goers that have replaced the old (who are these people and where the hell did they come from?). Guess we're getting old or something but where are the rest of the "oldies"? Indeed, times they are a changing...

The Sect EP

The Sect EP as the Offkey Rec's 5th release should finally hit the streets today! Strictly killers, no fillers for the floor. Every time I've dropped a Sect tune from this EP, the crowd has gone absolutely mental:)
I will definitely interview the Offkey Record's bossman Raiden very soon about the future of OffKey, his upcoming Chernoby influenced album, the first official OffKey Night party in Tallinn and his thoughts regarding The Sect EP because this release was pushed ahead of some of the other forthcoming releases on OffKey to get it out asap. An interesting aspect is that this release went straight to full release instead of the usual promo releases first and then the full release schema. Setting the standard in the dnb industry in bringing the releases to the masses quicker? Stay tuned for the interview...
the clips: The Sect feat. Raiden - Caesium 137 / The Sect - Kill All Humans / The Sect - Nerve Attack / The Sect - Zeroid

for more info on The Sect & Offkey Recordings check the OffKey Recordings homepage here

The Sect - Axon / Hologram [Obscene Recordings] promos out!!!

Absolutely brilliant 12" by the UK trio, The Sect promoed last week, if theyre not sold out yet, id suggest to buy it now! These tracks have been destroying dancefloors across the globe for a hot second now but finally the releases are starting to roll out. Next up is The Sect EP on OffKey Recordings which should come out very soon are the clips for Axon / Hologram

some record shops that might be of use:

Chemical Records
Redeye Records
Kaizen Records

Project Mayhem @ Rockstars Pub 02-12-06

This saturday played a gig @ Rockstars Bar which was a fun experience since it was a new venue for me to play at. This time it was only local DJ's but everyone did their job well and the sound equipment was top notch so a great night overall. Forgot to take my camera this time but if some galleries surface, I'll post them here.

N.phect @ Future Level [Club Pilot, Tallinn] 18-11-06

Another week later at the same venue, we had DJ N.phect, another hot and upcoming producer from Germany. Definitely a good night, good tunes were played but as I was getting tired, I left after my set (must be getting old...) Some links to a few galleries LINK, LINK, LINK

DJ Hidden @ Urban:movement [Club Pilot, Tallinn] 11-11-06

We had non other than the legendary DJ Hidden performing for the first time in Estonia, which was quite a night to remember. His set was simply amazing, it had been a while since I had heard him play out but I must admit, I was seriously impressed by the stuff he played. Other than that, it was nice to see that promotors are starting to revitalize Club Pilot since it was where I first started to DJ as a resident. Here's a gallery of the event LINK and you can catch a small clip of me performing at the gig here


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my name is Henri Viiralt a.k.a. DJ Kain (Ohm Resistance Recordings, USA). With this blog I will talk about my own experiences with recent drum'n'bass events I have played at, provide some interviews and vinyl reviews as well. For any additional information about me, please visit my page or the Ohm Resistance Recordings page.