Thursday, January 4, 2007

Atmosphere 12 (X-Mas Special) @ Viimsi Talveaed

Well, when regular people stay at home with their families what do people like us do? Of course, go to a massive party with sweaty people bumping into you at every step. First off, I've always loved the venue so it was awesome to play under the palmtrees again and all. Now for some of the headliners was Nici Belucci who as rumours had it (as well as the obvious photo on the flyer) was supposed to play half naked. And at this point Id like to state that I'm completely cool with this, cos hey, if u can't mix, u gotta have a angle and who am I to judge...when we went to check her out, she had these little nipple whatever thingies to cover her valuables up so there seemed to be many sad faced gents in the front row. But enough of that, some played good music, some seemed cheesy...the usual.
I closed the party down (4:30-6:00) and the good news was that the place was still going off like a mf:) mental note to self -> always arrange some sort of transportation out of that place in front, its like 20 clicks outside of town and when u try to leave at 6:00 with the rest of the 1.500 people then let me tell you, its a bitch to get a taxi:)
anyways, nothing but good memories except for the regular weirdness with drugged out people. Oh yea, and we recognized maybe 10% of the people...Its really getting strange as I mentioned in another post.
A video of the mayhem...notice that around 2:06 mark (not that its visible in any way or form) its me droppin The Sect - Axon so u might get an idea of the vibe around 5AM:)

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