Thursday, January 18, 2007

Submerged interview

And now a short interview with none other than Submerged, who talks of the new Method of Defiance: Inamorata project, as well as giving us news about other developments including whats forthcoming on Ohm Resistance in 2007

Hows life been treating you lately?

Um, it's been a pretty heavy schedule, with a grueling monthlong tour in Russia, transitioning into doing full time work at Nu Urban's US office instead of just general overseeing, and bringing out Inamorata. And the usual personal stuff, like getting a car, getting my finances together to buy a home, and having a steady relationship again.

haha, can't imagine you driving a car...ever:)

You've always got more than enough projects in the works, what are you up to these days?

Right now I am finishing my first album ever (been long enough) for Sublight Records, the same label that put out the first Method of Defiance record. I'm about to take over for Rick at the Nu Urban US office. And also getting my release schedule in order for 2007.

You've been touring around some pretty weird places last year, what were the highlights of being on the road in 2006?

MEXICO CITY!!! Loved it! I was in so many countries last year to play - surprise appearance in Estonia, then in Italy, Ukraine, Mexico, Russia...I also did my first US tour in a while with the Submerged Live PA. It's been a great year for my DJ and music career, if a shit year overall personally.

Method of Defiance: Inamorata has been causing quite a ruckus lately. It's an ambiguos project that combined dnb artists with musicians and it's now finished (in the stores in March). Who came up with this concept and are you satisfied with the end result?

This concept has been a dream of Brasilian wunderkind Robert Soares for many years, and he worked with Bill Laswell and myself to realise it. I absolutely love the end result, and think it is not only quite historic, will cause controversy and be talked about for years, but it's a great listen.

Were there any surprises or some funny incidents during the recording/production stages?

Honestly, nothing more than the usual.

Who did you most like to work with on this project?
Bill Laswell, as usual, as working usually involves going to a bar afterward.

Reading the feedback, not everyone seems to be sold on Inamorata after hearing the clips, what do you make of that?

It's quite expected! I would be unhappy if everyone loved it - advanced music should always cause discomfort and have people feeling uncertain at the time of it's creation. A lot of my favourite music I really disliked upon first listen, because it was challenging. Many people want to hear only what they have the expectation of, and this really pushed the limits.

You are now a co-owner of Nu Urban Music (one of the largest worldwide dnb distributors), handling distribution for various labels in the states, hows that working out for you?

Well, in the last year I was much less involved in the day to day business aspect. This year I am starting to work full time in addition to my music career, so it's a huge workload for me, which is what I needed actually. To write creative and good music you need life experiences to write about, and working for Nu Urban involves a lot of interaction with different people. It also is almost a forced tolerance and that's a really good thing for me - I must to all types of drum n bass and understand what perspectives it comes from, and that is nothing but good for my own music.

And if that doesn't fill your day, you've now got a third record label, Resist Records. What drove you to forming a dubstep label?

Well you know me, I've been making slow music for years before it got a name! Now that it's called dubstep, and is marketable, I was quite happy and inspired to make even more slow music, and it's inspiring and rewarding for me.

Whats in the pipeline for the other two labels, Ohm Resistance and Obliterati in 2007?

Ohm Resistance as I'm sure everyone will be happy to hear, is restarting the OHMWRECKERS series on 12" - this series was our most critically acclaimed in the label's history, and I believe the new direction our sound has taken - STREET MUSIC - is what needed to happen to redefine our sound and take our punk attitude back into the forefront of the label.

Anything else you would like to add

On top of all this, I've started working on an ambitious film project called "]NOWHERE[" about a soul destroying car ride from Orenburg to Chelyabinsk in Russia. It will be a massive undertaking that I will work on in evenings for distraction from music, and will hopefully shoot next winter.


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