Thursday, January 4, 2007

Offkey Night in Tallinn/Vilnius

Im proud to announce the first ever official Offkey Night in Tallinn on the 3rd of february (Vilnius on the 2nd), this has been in the works for quite some time and its the first chance to see this many OffKey artists in one place.

INFO About the Artists

Raiden and The Panacea:

For the first time together you can see Raiden and The Panacea playing a different kind of show. You are probably expecting the usual B2B DJ session but after bouncing ideas off eachother and wanting to come up with something new, they like to work it as a LIVE show but DJ'n. May sound like a strange concept but you have to witness this to believe it.
Raiden and The Panacea's music is being heavily supported by many of the scenes top DJ's. Both have current releases on their signature labels (Offkey Recordings & Position Chrome).

here's a video clip of Raiden B2B Panacea for a preview of what to expect...

and just for the hell of it, here's one of Panacea finishing his set @ Therapy

The Sect:

Initially meeting through mutual friends in the late 1990s, Blade and Virtua have been producing Drum & Bass together ever since. Long-time friend and DJ partner Method joined soon after, completing the trio and The Sect was born. Hooking up with Raiden and Propaganda whilst living in Southampton, they all share the same love of driving, underground drum and bass, especially the breaks, techno and futuristic soundscapes that embody the Offkey sound. Although as individuals they have had various releases across a number of different genres (currently Virtua is enjoying success as one half of burgeoning Breakbeat duo Digital Breaks Foundation), together they are committed to pushing the technoid Drum & Bass sound and are excited to join the Offkey family.With a whole host of new tracks ready to drop, watch out for more from The Sect very soon...

The KGB of dnb. They create menacing, industrial dnb that has echoes of Russian factories. These guys are completely insane, but certified geniuses at approximately 20 years old, which is even more amazing considering their staggering Vodka consumption. Prode are about to revolutionise the dnb scene as we know it, and Offkey is their natural home.
Prokets favorite cartoon is Nu Pogodi.

Justin Jackman aka Glitch Switch:
Glitch Switch is a Certified Genius, his skills are second to none that can not be missed.
He creates a vast, genre-crossing, bank of music, ranging form techno to breakbeat to experimental to ambient. Using analogue, digital, hardware and software equipment with live shows around Europe.

D.A.R.Y.L aka DSL

DSL enjoys rocking the joint with his spiffy 3-deck action, a seamless blend of jacking, rolling, funking, soaring beats. Along with cohort Simon Heartfield, he is the brains behind top UK Techno night Phase 2.

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