Thursday, January 4, 2007

Propaganda - Nobody Listens to Techno / Windmill + Keys (Position Chrome)

Word on the street is, the next release on the legendary record label Position Chrome (PC064) by Propaganda should hit the stores in early february. I for one cant wait because Nobody Listens to Techno has got to be, in my humble opinion, one of the most clever bits of technodnb of 2006, the layering of the elements simply can't be paired with anyone but Propaganda. Congrats to them for getting on this legendary label and congrats to Panacea for getting this unique piece of music on his label.
The clips: Propaganda - Nobody Listens to Techno / Windmill + Keys

More info on Propaganda here

Following this release on Position Chrome, its non other than The Sect - Tyrant (also one of the most disgustingly raw tracks of last year, my personal favourite from them) / Syndrome

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