Thursday, January 18, 2007

Obliterati 004 [Everything You Feel is Laced with Fucking Lies]

Also, the new LP from Ohm Resistance's second label, Obliterati is in stores now!

A) Temulent – I am the Devil
B1) Lethal and Khanage vs. Submerged – Cannibal Holocaust
B2) Enduser – End of the World
C) Lethal and Khanage – Rise of the Beast
D1) Submerged vs. Silent Killer vs. Enduser – No Real
D2) Submerged and Breaker – Four Minutes Hate

After the OBLITERATI YOUTH MINISTRY'S "Satisfaction of Giving Up" EP, Obliterati drops a new fearsome ep filled with truth, reality and gut wrenching pain. TEMULENT opens up with satanic fueled "I AM THE DEVIL", slaying you with cored out amens and seriously unbelievable chops. The "CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST" provided by LETHAL & KHANAGE VS SUBMERGED adds more smashing to the table than most people will be able to stomach. Anthemous vibes are created on "RISE OF THE BEAST" also produced by londons killer duo. The ep features more pieces and collaborations by SILENT KILLER, ENDUSER, SUBMERGED and BREAKER...

check Obliterati's Myspace for clips

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