Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Panacea - GarageM studio mix (January 2007)

a new mix by the bear of Berlin, The Panacea!


The Panacea - Tanz der toten raver (intro)
The Sect - Keeping everybody afraid (offkey)
Raiden - Sean paul must die (offkey)
Propaganda - Blu-82 (offkey)
The Sect - Hologram (freak)
Limewax - The attack (freak)
Spl - Fist (habit)
Amex & Kaiza - Jin beam (tilt)
Propaganda - Nobody listens to techno (position chrome)
Limewax - Demolished (??)
Lethal & Khanage - Tribal mecha (street beats)
The Sect - Syndrome (position chrome)
Spl - Fade (position chrome)
Raiden - I hate you motherfuckers (the panacea VIP) (not on label)
Audio & The Panacea - Designed for war (freak)
Amit & Klute - Suicide bomber (commercial suicide)
Spl - Untitled (soul container) (habit)
Plus System - This is how we do it (scott brown rmx) (evolute)
Raiden & The Sect - Cesium 137 (offkey)
The Panacea - Cryptonomicon (position chrome)
Raiden & Prode - Skafandr (offkey)
The Panacea - Motion sickness (spl remix) (position chrome)
Current Value - Unpardonable deeds (lost soul)


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Insight said...

Great list huh!! Keep doing a great job..