Thursday, January 18, 2007

Resist Records First Release (RSIS 01)

First release under Ohm Resistance's little sister (dubstep label), should be out in stores now, grab it while its hot!

Venez ft. Kondo - Hot Bitches
Venez ft. Dr.Israel - Pankration Fat Dub

The third label in the Ohm Resistance Group - RESIST RECORDS was formed as an outlet for dubstep and slower tempo music. Full circle back to the original Collision Substance we go...

Featured artists so far include the VENEZ, comprised of Zandor,"The Haitian Sensation", and " The Pakistani Chiller". Other artists include South Birmginham's SCORN and London's LETHAL. More onboard as we roll to the future.

Also check Resist's Myspace for Resist 002 audio!


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